Do You Always Need a Lawyer

Did you know that you can sue for personal injury and in fact get compensated for the damage? But the injury has to be as a result of someone else’s negligence. Funny enough, personal injury does not refer to physical injury, but also injury to someone’s emotions. The first step is usually to notify the person you intend to sue that you are about to file a claim against them (with the help of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer), and then let them know for what reason. At this point, it is important to also give them a detailed description of the nature of the injury that you sustained. You do not at this point have to know who was at fault, but notify whoever you think could be at fault.

Always remember that insurance companies are usually out to pay as little money in form of compensation as possible. So before you give all the intricate details to them, no matter how nice the person you are talking to, always first insist on letting them know who you are, and then seek to talk to an attorney dealing with personal injury. Continue reading “Do You Always

Lands End VR Game Announced By Monument Valley Creators


Monument Valley took iOS and Android devices by storm in 2014. The mobile title has racked up many accolades in a short period of time from GDC, BAFTA and Apple—among others. Now Ustwo is looking to follow up with a virtual reality title.

Land’s End will give fans of Monument Valley a similarly stimulating experience, but this time all around you. Like Valley, Land’s End will feature detailed environments using a visually pleasing aesthetic. There’s not much we can tell from the teaser trailer, but it appears Ustwo is sticking to their puzzle game roots. The game is slated for October 30.

Land’s End won’t serve as a sequel to Monument Valley—players can look to the Forgotten Shores expansion for that—but the new title is reminiscent of its predecessor. Engadget’s preview of Land’s End claims gameplay will be similar to old point-and-click adventure games. Much like figuring out the world of Monument Valley, players of Land’s End will run into a puzzle every so often—requiring they move blocks or connect the dots.

The number of virtual reality-first games will only rise as these devices become more and more ubiquitous. With

Power Ingestible Gadgets With Batteries You Can Eat


Today, implanted medical devices continuously monitor the body to give doctors and researchers more information than ever about the state of a patient’s disease and the effects of certain treatments. Engineers have also been making devices that a patient can swallow, which lets doctors and patients avoid risky surgical and other invasive procedures when able. Ideally, these devices would continuously monitor conditions inside the body or release drugs, and, once they’ve done their job, they would pass through the body without harming it. While some devices are on the market today, one of the biggest technological impediments to these devices is finding a non-toxic power source. The best solution might be to create a battery that uses the unique chemical environment inside the body to function and to construct the battery using metals that the body already needs, according to a review published today in Trends in Biotechnology by Christopher Bettinger, a researcher from Carnegie Mellon University.

Ingestible devices are often called semi-invasive–they travel inside the body and can collect much of the same data that implanted devices can,

Technology will be help you for online loan

Technology is needed  for everyone at this day. Many activities will be comes with the technology like internet, social media and many others. Of course, technology make everyone more easy than before, cause there are many activities just do at technology that you have. Especially if you need cash money online with the easy requirement and fast process is of course. than, here will be help you more to find cash money online with easy and many advantages that you will get it. it’s the best one site if you need cash online loans. You can’t say yes if you don’t visit at that site first. Just visit at that site and look there are many advantages that make you satisfied. The most advantages that you will get it as easy requirement. You just need bank account and not for the mortgage at all. Is it so interesting ? Actually there are many site that offer online loan, but you must choose the best one on it. look at the site before and how many advantages that you will reach it in the future. if you are confuse to find about the best online loan, just

Untold Facts That You Need To Know Before Buying A Refurbished Macbook Pro

1abcdThe dream of most laptop users is to use a laptop brand like Macbook Pro. The reason for this preference is due to the functionalities of its laptops. They don’t care even if they may have to settle for second hand Macbooks. This is because they feel this one will help them save some few bucks as against buying the brand new models that are pricey.

If you plan buying a refurbished laptop,then there are some few things that you should look out for. These are the factors that have put second hand Macbooks ahead of so many other brands out there. These include:

The reputation of the brand

To be honest, most of the brands that you hearof today aren’t great in terms of reputation. You have to be very careful in other not to spend your hard earned money on something that can only create more problems for you. This is because buying a refurbished laptop can be really problematic if you are not dealing with the right brand.

Macbook laptops have been able

Must-have Tech Items for 2016

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and has led to many incredible advances for society. There are many amazing items that are fun and incredibly useful on the market this year. No matter if you’rea diehard tech lover or a novice you’ll be sure to find high-tech gadgets you will love this year. Here is a list of the must-have tech items for 2016.
Fitbit Bands
There are many exercise bands on the market, but hands down Fitbit provide the most comprehensive information. Your Fitbit band tracks your heart rate, steps climbed, your daily activities and calories burned. In addition, you can get messages, social media updates and even answer phone calls right from your Fitbit band. Not only is this high-tech item fun to use it can also be an important tool for improving your health.
Lacrosse Weather Stations
Lacrosse weather stations feature an indoor thermometer and an outdoor temperature indicator. Now you can monitor the internal and external temps from the comfort of your home.
Bluetooth Speakers
No matter what brand you choose Bluetooth speakers are a must for any music lover. With Bluetooth speakers you can play all of your mp3,stream Music

The best RPG-games of 2016

In 2016, the video game industry is traditionally not going to provide us with lots of role-playing games, but those that will be released are expected to be quite good in terms of plot, mechanics, animation and so on and so forth. Therefore, let us look what is cooking in a RPG video game industry today to understand all the latest trends.

Dark Souls III / April 24 / PC, PS4, XOne

The long-awaited trequel, according to the Japanese promotional materials, is expected to be a more mature and deep Dark Souls, with dynamic lights, flags and cloth blown by the wind, “ashes”, which are the elements that contribute to the immersion into the dark world. There will also be an updated Internet infrastructure, which is going to be more reliable, than in previous games in the series, and there will be a multiplayer support (for up to 6 people).

Kingdom Come: Deliverance / Summer / PC, PS4, XOne

Events take place in the Kingdom of Bohemia, the parts of the land of the Bohemian crown (nowadays it is the Czech Republic) in 1403, at the end of the Middle Ages. The first act takes us to a real place between the towns

Energy-efficient reaction drives biofuel conversion technology

A new study from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory explains the mechanism behind a technology that converts bio-based ethanol into hydrocarbon blend-stocks for use as fossil fuel alternatives.

Scientists have experimented for decades with a class of catalysts known as zeolites that transform alcohols such as ethanol into higher-grade hydrocarbons. As ORNL researchers were developing a new type of zeolite-based conversion technology, they found the underlying reaction unfolds in a different manner than previously thought.

“For 40 years, everyone thought that these reactions must go first from ethanol to ethylene, and then from there it forms longer chains. We were able to show that it’s not how this occurs,” said ORNL’s Brian Davison, coauthor on the study published in Scientific Reports.

The researchers’ analysis found that this energy-consuming intermediary step is not necessary for the conversion to happen. Instead, an energy-producing “hydrocarbon pool” mechanism allows the zeolite catalysts to directly produce longer hydrocarbon chains from the original alcohols.

“It challenges a long-held but incorrect assumption,” said ORNL coauthor Chaitanya Narula. “It has been assumed that you must go from ethanol to ethylene, which is endothermic and requires energy. We showed this step doesn’t occur, and that the overall

Consumers Need To Be Vigilant About Their Credit During Holiday Season

 The holiday season is typically full of cheer. But it is also full of people who want to get ahold of your personal data. The holidays are when most consumers spend money and start buying products that they held off on all year. That also means that there is a higher risk of fraud and identity theft, due to the high number of transactions. Scott Smith, the acting president of, said that retail fraud attempts increase about 30 percent during the holidays. This means that consumers must stay vigilant and protect their data during the months of December and January.

Companies that offer consumers credit repair services typically use a credit repair merchant account from a credit card processor such as eMerchantBroker. Credit repair services generally take a while to fully repair someone’s credit, and the process can be fairly expensive. It is a much better option to simply avoid having your personal data stolen in the first place. While this might seem difficult, preventative tactics are possible. Consumers should make sure that none of their financial accounts, social media accounts, and online retail store accounts have the same password. Passwords should also include as many numbers, capital letters,

The 10 Technology Basics To Know

Technology is always changing and evolving, but most businesses can’t afford to keep pace with the latest trends. There is always something new in the market that companies can buy to leverage their systems and upgrade them. It is a dilemma but don’t haste on buying new technology right away, if you have built a good foundation of technology you are still on track.

Focus on laying a solid foundation for your business technology, with a plan and a budget for ongoing support, maintenance and replacement.  It’s just as important to get the technology basics right as it is to have a strong financial or marketing plan.  In this article, I share with you a touch on the ten technology basics that should be in place in your business to get it running in soid shape.

1. Hardware & Software – The most obvious technology components.  To reduce problems, ensure that your hardware isn’t too old and always use legally licensed software. 

2. Power protection – Often neglected, power protection equipment is an essential investment for protecting your more expensive technology assets from power-related damage. 

3. File sharing – Whether using a shared storage device on your network, a ‘hosted’ solution or your own

New Technology, How to make the most of it in your Business!

Technology is continually advancing allowing us to run our businesses better faster and cheaper than ever before. Quite often technology can be daunting to say the least. Technology is such a huge and diverse area. The following guidelines will help you take advantage of the latest advancements.

Look for ways of implementing new technologies that are relatively low risk. This will allow you to evaluate their effectiveness without tying yourself into a long term commitment and expense. It is quite common for companies to offer their products to you for a free trial period so that you can test and evaluate the product. Make use of this free trial and spend some time to evaluate the product to see if it will meet your requirements.

Don’t be afraid of using Technology, its there as a tool to help you improve the way you do things and should not be thought of as a barrier to getting things done. The best Technology companies will design their products to be as user friendly as possible and will provide support to you as you implement their products.

Make use of internet based technologies. Where possible utilize technologies that do not require you to install and manage

7 steps to implement new technology

Every business is different and their requirements vary greatly depending on the type of the business, irrespective of that, information technology is one impressive selection for each type of venture. For your business, you may opt to start with a technology and you may be successful in only two cases, either you are well-informed about the technology or you got fortunate with it. It is thereby advised to consult with adept information technology service providers; they would not only assist in selecting and installing the right technology, but also if there is not an existing solution for your business they may as well design felicitous software for your business needs. Below listed are the steps explaining how to start and proceed while going for with a new technology or custom developed software solutions?
1. Know the needs of your business.
You are the best person who knows about your business needs. Document all the requirements in detail, give a clear explanation of existing system, expected solutions, alternative approach to solve problems (if you are aware of any), weight and impact of the problems on your business. If you have this information handy, there would be a checklist that you may

7 steps to implement new technology

Every business is different and their requirements vary greatly depending on the type of the business, irrespective of that, information technology is one impressive selection for each type of venture. For your business, you may opt to start with a technology and you may be successful in only two cases, either you are well-informed about the technology or you got fortunate with it. It is thereby advised to consult with adept information technology service providers; they would not only assist in selecting and installing the right technology, but also if there is not an existing solution for your business they may as well design felicitous software for your business needs. Below listed are the steps explaining how to start and proceed while going for with a new technology or custom developed software solutions?
1. Know the needs of your business.
You are the best person who knows about your business needs. Document all the requirements in detail, give a clear explanation of existing system, expected solutions, alternative approach to solve problems (if you are aware of any), weight and impact of the problems on your business. If you have this information handy, there would be a checklist that you may

Technology Helps Seniors Stay Connected and Engaged

For many of us it’s hard to imagine a world with no smartphones or laptops, no instant Internet access, no social media, no face-to-face Skype chats. Yet for many older Californians, these are still unfamiliar – and sometimes intimidating – technologies, and this can lead to social isolation, depression, and even worsen medical conditions.

“Technology is being absorbed into every facet of our lives, but many adults aged 65 and older still don’t even have email,” said Ellen Schmeding, San Diego County’s Aging and Independence Services director. “These people risk being isolated in terms of communications with family, friends — and even their own doctor.

An “age-friendly” community, as envisioned by AARP and the World Health Organization, “enables people of all ages to actively participate” in the life of that community; and that requires ensuring that older citizens are keeping pace with technological change, and that they have affordable and easy online access. In an age-friendly community, young adults who rely on smartphones to navigate the Internet can more easily search for jobs, information, and entertainment, while older adults can find new ways to stay vitally connected to the world around them.

The good news is that more and more people 65

Solar water splitting technology developed

Rice University researchers have demonstrated an efficient new way to capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into clean, renewable energy by splitting water molecules.

The technology, which is described online in the American Chemical Society journal Nano Letters, relies on a configuration of light-activated gold nanoparticles that harvest sunlight and transfer solar energy to highly excited electrons, which scientists sometimes refer to as “hot electrons.”

“Hot electrons have the potential to drive very useful chemical reactions, but they decay very rapidly, and people have struggled to harness their energy,” said lead researcher Isabell Thomann, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering and of chemistry and materials science and nanoengineering at Rice. “For example, most of the energy losses in today’s best photovoltaic solar panels are the result of hot electrons that cool within a few trillionths of a second and release their energy as wasted heat.”

Capturing these high-energy electrons before they cool could allow solar-energy providers to significantly increase their solar-to-electric power-conversion efficiencies and meet a national goal of reducing the cost of solar electricity.

In the light-activated nanoparticles studied by Thomann and colleagues at Rice’s Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP), light is captured and converted into plasmons, waves

Jazz Playing Robots Will Explore Human-Computer Relations

Jazz-playing computers and robots could soon yield clues about how to help people collaborate with machines, researchers say.

The new project, called MUSICA (short for Musical Improvising Collaborative Agent), aims to develop a musical device that can improvise a jazz solo in response to human partners, just as real jazz musicians improvise alongside one another.

MUSICA is part of a new program from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the branch of the U.S. military responsible for developing new technologies. The project is designed to explore new ways that people can interact with computers and robots. [Super-Intelligent Machines: 7 Robotic Futures]

“There is definitely a desire for more natural kinds of communications with computational systems as they grow in their ability to be intelligent,” Ben Grosser, an assistant professor of new media at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, told Live Science. “A lot of us are familiar with various methods of interacting with computers, such as text-based and touch-based interfaces, but language-based interfaces such as Siri or Google Now are extremely limited in their capabilities.”

Grosser and his colleague Kelland Thomas, an associate professor of music at the University of Arizona, are developing MUSICA to explore how people can communicate with one

This AI Judges Your Selfie Game

Social media is the battleground of the selfie. Our egos live and die over likes, retweets, and comments, but until now only humans could be the judge of that sweet pic you tweeted from brunch.

Using pictures from social media, Stanford researcher Andrej Karpathy trained a 140-million parameter neural network to gauge the ultimate selfie, based on the amount of likes each picture received.

Karpathy used a convolutional neural network, a flavor of AI used most often when working with images. It was invented by Yann LeCunn, who now leads AI research at Facebook. First, he showed the network 2 million photos of selfies, which he got by scraping the web for social media posts tagged #selfie. Selfies with more likes, proportional to audience size, were ranked as better. The neural net then broke down these images to varying levels of abstraction, and ultimately learned what a good selfie looked like.

The machine helped Karpathy realize a few things about #selfies. First, the most-liked selfies are posted by females. When the machine was asked to rank new photos, there wasn’t one male in the top 100 selfies. It also favors tricks like using a filter, oversaturating the face, and

An Oxygen-Storing Salt Could Replace Bulky Air Tanks

University of Southern Denmark researchers have discovered a way heavy metal might help patients with lung disease. We’re not talking Black Sabbath. The heavy metal is cobalt, in the form of a crystalline salt.

A mere 10 liters — about a bucketful — is enough to suck up a room’s worth of oxygen. Oxygen stored in the crystalline salt can then be released as needed. Another bonus? That 10 liters of special salt holds three times the oxygen as a conventional tank of the same size, possibly rendering bulky scuba tanks and portable oxygen therapy equipment obsolete. Using pressurization, it could allow lung disease patients and deep-sea divers to draw oxygen directly from their environment using special masks. Other possibilities include regulated oxygen supply for fuel cells in electric cars.

The oxygen-sucking substance might sound like a perfect weapon for an evil mastermind, but researcher Christine McKenzie, part of the team that created the material, said you can’t just toss it into a room to sop up all the air.

“At normal atmospheric pressure and temperature, where air is 21 percent O2, the material already contains oxygen and cannot absorb more,” McKenzie explains.

The crystalline salt can steal oxygen from its environment only after

The Element That Shaped Our World

Physicist Derek Muller found his way into numerous classrooms, homes and office cubicles via Veritasium, his YouTube science channel. But Muller’s latest project, hosting a documentary about uranium, took him even further afield (8 p.m. EDT July 28, PBS).

His travels included the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine, near the site of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, a uranium mine in Australia’s remote Kakadu region and Marie Curie’s old lab in Paris. Muller chatted with Discover Senior Associate Editor Gemma Tarlach about the world’s most controversial element.

Q: Telling uranium’s story in two hours is ambitious. Where do you start?
A: We go back more than 5 billion years to this rock’s source, an exploding supernova. The rock contains that trapped energy. So when you detonate a nuclear weapon, for example, you’re releasing energy that’s been trapped for billions of years.

Q: What makes the discovery of uranium so significant, in a nutshell?
A: With its discovery, our understanding of matter shifted. Things we thought were inert rocks were really powerful energy sources. It’s mind-blowing to think of how one element has shaped the modern world. Uranium has a strong yin yang. It’s the most destructive power on Earth, but when it

How the Atomic Bomb Myth Disarmed America

More than 70 years after the first atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, historians still debate whether or not the atomic bombs played a major role in convincing Imperial Japan to surrender in 1945. But what’s clear is that U.S. faith in the atomic bomb as a super weapon nearly proved disastrous just five years after World War II ended. When the Korean War broke out in June 1950, the U.S. discovered that its reliance on the atomic bomb had left it without strong conventional military forces. That belief in the power of nuclear weapons technology almost led to catastrophe when U.S. soldiers went into battle against Soviet-backed North Korean troops and tanks invading South Korea.

The awesome U.S. military might that had helped the Allies win World War II had vanished by the time of the Korean War, according to David Halberstam, journalist and historian, in his book “The Coldest Winter.” Instead of maintaining larger armed forces, the U.S. trusted its initial monopoly on nuclear power and Air Force bombers as a counterbalance to the large Soviet armies at the start of the Cold War. There were many reasons why President Truman’s administration, Congress and the U.S. public all wanted to believe that the atomic bomb alone could

Astronauts Eat Food Grown in Space for First Time

A plain bite of lettuce was “awesome,” astronauts aboard the International Space Station concurred. It helped that it was a rare bite of fresh vegetable. And it was also a tasty milestone in spaceflight history: the first time astronauts ate food grown and harvested in space.

The garden, called Veggie, is part of NASA’s research into food provision for a future manned mission to Mars.

Space Salad

An earlier crop of romaine lettuce was grown last year and returned to earth for safety analysis in October 2014. It passed the test, and now astronauts are growing both lettuce and zinnias under Veggie’s LED lights. (The pinkish light is the combination of red and blue LEDs, which are more efficient in driving plant growth.)

The red lettuce was chosen, NASA said on the ISS Facebook page, “because it grows well, tastes good, and has low natural microbial levels. In addition, red crops have higher levels of antioxidants, which could help astronauts stay healthy.”

The flowers are partly of interest to see how they pollinate in zero gravity, which will be important to future attempts to grow fruit, said Paul Zamprelli of Orbitec, the company that developed the Veggie greenhouse.

The astronauts

Study shows that internet search engines have the power to swing elections

As a society, we are happily ensconced in the internet era. And we’re sure that you, oh wonderful blog readers, are among the first to use the internet to find information about candidates come election time. And by and large, we assume the internet search engines we use to find that information are unbiased. But what if they aren’t? Could the order of search results skew our perceptions of possible candidates? Well, this paper explores that very scenario. The result? Let’s just say that we’re happy that Google’s motto is “don’t be evil.”

The search engine manipulation effect (SEME) and its possible impact on the outcomes of elections.

“Internet search rankings have a significant impact on consumer choices, mainly because users trust and choose higher-ranked results more than lower-ranked results. Given the apparent power of search rankings, we asked whether they could be manipulated to alter the preferences of undecided voters in democratic elections. Here we report the results of five relevant double-blind, randomized controlled experiments, using a total of 4,556 undecided voters representing diverse demographic characteristics of the voting populations of the United States and India. The fifth experiment is especially notable in that it was conducted with eligible voters